Hymenophyllum polyanthos is a subcosmopolitan species of filmy-ferns. The group has been described as a complex of species and recent studies have pointed to genetic, morphological and ecological differences that can be used for a taxonomic revision of the group (Vasques et al. 2019). The specimen shown here was collected in Wakayama prefecture, and represents the fujisanense lineage, yet to be described as a new species in Japan.


Vasques, D. T., Ebihara, A., Hirai, R. Y., Prado, J., & Motomi, I. (2019). Phylogeny of Hymenophyllum subg. Mecodium (Hymenophyllaceae), with special focus on the diversity of the Hymenophyllum polyanthos species complex. Plant Systematics and Evolution305(9), 811-825.


Collection Data (D.T. Vasques DV2021002)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 17-I-2021
  • Primary Collector & #: D.T. Vasques DV2021002
  • Collection Party: D.T. Vasques & A. Ebihara
  • Det. History: D.T. Vasques
  • Habitat:
  • Habit:
  • Specimen Locations:
Additional Comments

Collection Location
  • Location: – – WakayamaHonshuJapan.
  • Coordinates: 33.784278, 135.886889
  • Elevation: 90 m