This species is principally found in the Cordillera Oriental of Colombia, but also occurs in Venezuela and the Cordillera Central. It is closely related to Phlegmariurus reflexus, but it somewhat larger and has broader, more coriaceous leaves. Interestingly, the type is indicated to be from “Riobamba, Ecuador”, but there is no evidence that this species actually occurs in Ecuador.


Collection Data (W. Testo 1356)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 09-VIII-2017
  • Primary Collector & #: W. Testo 1356
  • Collection Party: David Sanín, Alexandre Salino, William Bravo Pedraza, Lucas Lima.
  • Det. History: Weston Testo, October, 2017
  • Habitat: Bosque secundario
  • Habit: Terrestrial
  • Specimen Locations: BRIT, HUA, VT
Additional Comments

Terrestrial on dry rocky bank in disturbed area.

Collection Location