This species is widespread at high elevations in the Neotropics and subtropical America, with outlying populations in Africa. It appears that numerous distinct species are treated under this name.

Collection Data (W. Testo 1384)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 11-XIII-2017
  • Primary Collector & #: W. Testo 1384
  • Collection Party: Michael Sundue, David Sanín, William Bravo Pedraza, Cristian Castro, Lia Esperanza Alarcón, Gabriel Peñaloza
  • Det. History: Weston Testo, October 2017
  • Habitat: Elfin woodland
  • Habit: Terrestrial
  • Specimen Locations: AAU, HUA, VT
Additional Comments

Terrestrial on moist bank in elfin forest at limit of paramo.

Collection Location