This is a common species at upper elevations in Ecuador. It has often been misidentified as A. raddianum, but that species is confined to lower elevations, has a more compact lamina, and does not have a long-creeping rhizome like A.  subvolubile.  Tryon & Stolze reported this species as being primarily found at lower elevations of the Pacific coast, but that is not correct. The type was collected by Richard Spruce in Baños, at about 1800 on the eastern side of the Ecuadorean Andes, and the great majority of specimens I have seen are from middle to upper elevations.

Collection Data (M. Sundue & M. McHenry 2624)

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Road from Apuela to Cotocachi

Collection Location
  • Location: – – – ImbaburaEcuador.
  • Coordinates: 0°21.622'N, 78°27.104'W
  • Elevation: 2471 m