I believe this Dryopteris is D. patula, but it atypical for that species with respect to growth habit (epilithic on a cliff), small size, and color of rhizome scales.

Collection Data (W. Testo 997)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 29-01-2016
  • Primary Collector & #: W. Testo 997
  • Collection Party: W. L. Testo, C. A. Lopez
  • Det. History: W Testo, January 2016
  • Habitat: Montane forest
  • Habit: Epiphyte
  • Specimen Locations: AAU, NY, PMA, VT
Additional Comments

Epilithic on large cliff near waterfall on Rio Caldera

Collection Location
  • Location:Boquete – – ChiriquiPanama.
  • Coordinates: 8°50'12.7"N 82°27'34.3"W
  • Elevation: 1700m