This video is part of a project entitled “Memória em vídeo dos Botânicos do Brasil” []. It is an autobiographical narrative of Paulo Günter Windisch (b. 1948), who is considered one of the main figures in the history of Brazilian pteridology. Dr. Paulo Windisch is a great storyteller and this video contains a number of delightful anecdotes from his incredible career in the field, including his specialization in pteridology with A.C. Brade (1971-1972), his PhD at Harvard University with R.M. Tryon (1972-1977), and his postdoctoral research at Aarhus University (1984-1984) and the Smithsonian Institution (1992-1994). He is the author of ca. 90 scientific papers and many book chapters. In addition, he supervised the doctoral dissertation research of Marli Ranal, Marília Noronha, Jefferson Prado, Irene Fernandes, Lana Sylvestre, Fabiana Nonato, Jairo Schmitt, and Maria Kielling-Rubio. Most of these former students are now professional botanists at universities, botanical gardens, and herbaria in Brazil.

The video is in Portuguese and has no subtitles.