The closely appressed ferrugineous stellate hairs help to diagnose this species of Hymenophyllum sect. Sphaerocionium

Collection Data (M. Sundue 3213)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 05-IX-2012
  • Primary Collector & #: M. Sundue 3213
  • Collection Party: M. Sundue, J. Betancur, P. Pedraza, G. Giraldo, M. Jaimes, E. Tineo, M. Londono, A. Duque, L. Arias
  • Det. History: M. Sundue
  • Habitat: Primary Forest
  • Habit: Epiphyte
  • Specimen Locations: COL, NY, VT
Additional Comments

Pendent epiphyte on tree in pastures.

Collection Location