Pleopeltis furfuraceum is one of two species in the genus that act as host to epiobiotic species of the ascomycete fungus Acrospermum. The other species is P. ballivianii.  Acrospermum is only found on the fronds of P. furfuraceum in a portion of its geographic range, in more humid forests at lower elevations.

Collection Data (M. Sundue 3432)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 18 Jan. 2013
  • Primary Collector & #: M. Sundue 3432
  • Collection Party: M. Sundue along with the OTS tropical ferns and lycophytes course
  • Det. History: M. Sundue
  • Habitat: Primary Forest
  • Habit: Terrestrial
  • Specimen Locations: VT
Additional Comments

Epipytic on three in secondary growth at the edge of the station property. Plants with Acrospermum fruiting bodies.

Collection Location