Paesia looks like a scandent Pteridium; they both share elongate marginal indusia protected by both adaxial and abaxial indusia. Besides its scandent leaves, it differs from Pteridium by have a flexuose rachis and monolete rather than trilete spores. It surprises me that molecular data does not support them as each others closest relatives. Character evolution of these  and the other Dennstaedtiaceae genera was studied by Shang et al. (2018) and Schwartsburd et al. (2020).

Shang, H., Sundue, M., Wei, R., Wei, X.P., Luo, J.J., Liu, L., Schwartsburd, P.B., Yan, Y.H. and Zhang, X.C., 2018. Hiya: a new genus segregated from Hypolepis in the fern family Dennstaedtiaceae, based on phylogenetic evidence and character evolution. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution127, pp.449-458.

Schwartsburd, P.B., Perrie, L.R., Brownsey, P., Shepherd, L.D., Shang, H., Barrington, D.S. and Sundue, M.A., 2020. New insights into the evolution of the fern family Dennstaedtiaceae from an expanded molecular phylogeny and morphological analysis. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution150, p.106881.


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