Rhizome to 1 cm or more in diam., covered with appressed, copious, dark brown, stout, subulate bristles 4-6 mm, with long hairlike apex. Stipe brownish, up to 1 m, hard, smooth and shiny; lamina 30-50 × 30-40 cm, divided to base into 2 fan-shaped halves, each half deeply dichotomously cleft into 4 or 5 subequal lobes 3-4 cm wide; lobes rather deeply dichotomously cleft into 8-10 ultimate lobes in each half of lamina; lobes entire, coppery green abaxially, glossy green adaxially, lanceolate, leathery, glabrous; venation prominent abaxially, horizontally transverse veinlets ± straight and thicker, forming narrow parallel areoles. Sori without paraphyses.

Terrestrial in forests; 700-1400 m. SE Xizang(Mêdog, NE India.

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  • Date: 22-10-2020
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