Curiously to me, all species of Sticherus collected during this trip had some sort of pinkish pigment (carotenoids?) on their rhizomes. Is this true for the whole genus?  Anyways… Take a look at the size of those vessels on the transverse section of the petiole: They’re huge!!! According to Mickel & Smith (2004), “this species is very similar to S. bifidus (Christ) A.R. Sm., especially in its tomentose indument, but can be distinguished by darker scales of the dormant buds, the often pectinate secondary axes (proximal to ultimate forks), and the nearly scaleless costae on the penultimate segments”.


Collection Data ( 2450)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 26-III-2014
  • Primary Collector & #: 2450
  • Collection Party:
  • Det. History: F.B. Matos, VI.2014
  • Habitat:
  • Habit:
  • Specimen Locations:
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Collection Location
  • Location: – – – – .
  • Coordinates: 17.627778, -96.364722
  • Elevation: 1650 m