I collected this species in 2006, during my first trip to Pico das Almas, Bahia. Unfortunately, I was never able to identify it correctly, partly because it was not included in “Flora of the Pico das Almas” (Stannard, 1995). Thanks to Benjamin Øllgaard, we now know that this is not only a new record for this mountain, but also a tremendous range extension for P. erythrocaulon, which was previously known only from Minas Gerais. Morphologically, it resembles P. biformis (Hook.) B. Øllg. by the differentiated constricted distal divisions.

Collection Data (F.B. Matos 1052)

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Label data has incomplete information about the habitat, stating that the specimen was growing as terrestrial, but failing to mention that it was also epiphytic.

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