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Homosporous Fern Mating System Data

Posted by on Apr 21, 2015 in Data | 0 comments

Data on mating systems for homosporous ferns. Ploidy, general region (temperate or tropical), and growth habit (epiphyte or terrestrial) are given. Sib % and isolate % are the percentages of gametophytes that produced sporophytes either in sibling pairs or when isolated, respectively. Data were collected by E.B. Sessa, W. Testo, and J.E. Watkins, Jr. (Sessa et al., unpublished).   FamilyTaxonPloidyTemperate or tropicalGrowth HabitSib %Isolate % AnemiaceaeAnemia tomentosa (Sav.) Sw.6TropicalTerrestrial0.720.67 AspleniaceaeAsplenium auritum...

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