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Previously described as Archangiopteris hokouensis. Fronds 50-85 cm; stipes ca. 50 cm, with 4 or 5(-7) naked pulvini. Laminae once pinnate; pinnae 2 or 3 (sub-)opposite pairs, elliptic, 15-20 × 5-7 cm, bases cuneate, margins serrulate-crenulate, apices caudate. Veins obvious, false veins absent. Sori medial, ca. 1 cm; paraphyses longer than sporangia. Distributed in Tropical wet forests; 100-1000 m. Located mainly in Southern part of Yunnan and Guangxi, China.

  • Location: – – Jinping MiaoYunnanChina.
  • Coordinates: 22°55′04″N 103°19′13″E
  • Elevation: 800m