Asplenium bipinnatifidum is a charismatic species of New Guinea and the western Pacific. It reproduces by asexual proliferous buds to form gregarious colonies. These are often reported as ‘stolons’, but in fact are buds born upon elongate petioles. Sometimes these form long chains allowing the plants to drape over logs and branches.

Collection Data (M. Sundue & H. Maraia 4216)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 4-XI-2016
  • Primary Collector & #: M. Sundue & H. Maraia 4216
  • Collection Party: Irene Engilis, Alan Hitch, Ed de Vogel, John Trochet, Nittya Semard, Allen Allison, Raymon Joshua, Kore Maraia, Dabio, Alois Gambia
  • Det. History: M. Sundue
  • Habitat: Castanopsis forest
  • Habit: Epiphyte
  • Specimen Locations: LAE, VT
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