I have a fern garden that was neglected in our 10 year drought here in S. California. I am trying to get it made right and trying to re-identify some of the ferns I collected over the years. I lost some valuable ones, and may want to add a few more.

This first example is growing in two locations and is 3′ tall in one. Here are a few more pics. Green stem, sori is round, tall plant some fronds 3 feet high, rachis or stalk is bare for at least a foot before frond starts, has spreading ryzomes. I thought it might be thelypteris palustris or thelypteris puberlua?  Some of these ferns I collected locally years ago and some were traded from the LA fern society and other bought at nurseries. Thanks in advance for any assistance! I am looking for an active fern group with knowledgable members and hope this is the place.