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Serpocaulon sp.

I’m not sure about this small Serpocaulon. Could it be a young Serpocaulon meniscifolium? It has laminar hairs that are 0.5 to almost 1 mm long, the secondary veins are not raised on the abaxial laminar surface, and there are no scales on the costae. It was collected at ca. 5 m elevation. Please leave a comment if you know the species.

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Growing on small tree on the margin of lake.



  1. Dear Nathan,

    I think it is another variation of S. meniscifolium. It is interesting how whitish it is. Do you have samples in silica?

    Kind regards,

  2. Nathan Smith

    Hi David,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I did not see it until now. I am cultivating the plant so I could make a silica sample.