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Palhinhaea cernua

Palhinhaea cernua is pantropical; a common pioneer on disturbed soil in most tropical areas, especially in the lowlands. It was very exciting to find this species today, particularly because yesterday I posted some pictures of the similar P. camporum. Now you can finally compare both species on this site. Are they really different? You tell me…

Collection Data (F.B. Matos & C. Matos 2392)

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Interesting that the sporangia face downward!

    • Fernando Matos

      Thanks! Also interesting is that the strobili are maturing from the base towards the apex (i.e., acropetally). I had never noticed this before taking these pictures.

  2. MAM Andi

    This species is widely distributed in Sabah, and quite common. Interestingly, I just knew that Lycopodiella cernua (L.) Pic. Serm. is a synonym of Palhinhaea cernua (L.) Carv. Vasc. & Franco. Seems like The Catalogue of Life is much updated than The Plant List. Cheers..

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