This plant was growing as an epiphyte, about 2 m above ground level, on a big tree by the side of the road. Elaphoglossum doanense can be recognized by its very short petioles, long decurrent lamina bases, large scales at the base of the midrib, and veins uniting at the margin of lamina (forming a commissural vein).

Collection Data (F.B. Matos 2179)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 03-II-2013
  • Primary Collector & #: F.B. Matos 2179
  • Collection Party: A.F. Rojas & C. Matos
  • Det. History: F.B. Matos, XII.2013
  • Habitat:
  • Habit: Epiphyte
  • Specimen Locations: NY, SP, UPCB
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