Serpocaulon articulatum and S. caceresii (Sodiro) A.R. Sm. are very often confused in the collections, however, there is a remarkable difference between them, the lanceolate brown rhizome scale and the inconspicuous subsidiary veins (vs. the long linear-lanceolate dark rhizome scale and the conspicuous subsidiary veins).

Photo by J.L. Peña


Collection Data (D. Sanin D. Sanín 6021)

Classification & Common Names

General Collection Data
  • Date: 15-4-2015
  • Primary Collector & #: D. Sanin D. Sanín 6021
  • Collection Party: D. Sanín & F. Criollo-Bustamante
  • Det. History: D. Sanín
  • Habitat: Tropical rainforest
  • Habit: Epiphyte
  • Specimen Locations: COL
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