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Spinulum annotinum: morphological plasticity

Some years ago I collected some living Spinulum annotinum in Southern Sweden, in the vicinity of Göteborg-Landvetter airport.I planted it in a small marshy pond in my garden, where it hardly grows. But when it does, it produces dorsiventral side branches totally unlike the normal branches in S. annotinum. I wonder if anyone ever saw these in the field?

Another view of the plant of S. annotinum in my home garden


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  1. Michael Sundue

    I wonder, could this be a Thuja seedling? They have a peculiar habit of changing leaf arrangement as they develop similar to your plant.

    • Peter Hovenkamp

      It’s an idea that had not crossed my mind. I could have sworn that it is the same plant that I took from a swamp near Gothenburgh. But strange things happen in pots…

      I checked, and it has a definite resiny smell. So I suppose it’s indeed a silent substitution. I suppose I had better remove this post…